Special Mountain Blend Coffee

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Taste Notes

Milk chocolate & Macadamia nut


Low Strength

Roast Profile

Medium Roast

Single Origin

Coffee Blend

Special Mountain Blend Coffee

A special blend for a special coffee. Special Mountain Blend is grown at altitude, meticulously crafted and perfectly balanced.



More about this coffee

Following an original Farrer's recipe, we carefully select and separately roast the beans before blending this popular choice of high altitude mountain-grown African and South American beans. A medium roasted fruity coffee with a luxurious liquor and smooth finish.

Popular as a day time drink, perfectly balanced so you can add milk or drink as it comes.


Recommended Brew Method

recommended brew method cafetiere

Special Mountain Blend coffee is best brewed through a filter or cafetière. We recommend 18-23g coffee per 350ml of water.

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