Lakeland Special Large Leaf Tea

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A Special large leaf variant of our bestselling Lakeland Special Tea. Designed specifically for infusion teapots and traditional tea strainers. Lakeland Special Large Leaf Tea is perfectly blended to produce an enjoyable and refreshing brew. To discover our fine cup blend of Lakeland Special Tea including tea bags, envelopes, loose leaf and tea caddies click below.

Lakeland Special Fine Cup


Strong, deep amber tea.

Lakeland Special Tea.

A special large leaf version of our signature tea blend, made from our secret recipe. Ideal for infusion teapots and traditional strainers. Makes an enjoyable and refreshing brew, ideal for drinking anytime of the day.

Use fresh water. 4.5g Lakeland Special Tea, 200ml boiling water. Brew by adding boiling water to the loose tea leaves and infuse for 4 minutes.
Large Leaves release more flavour and aroma, they need to brew for slightly longer.

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