Farrer's Enveloped Decaffeinated Coffee Bags


Farrer's Enveloped Decaffeinated Coffee Bags

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Enjoy freshly roasted coffee with ease with individually wrapped decaffeinated coffee bags, perfecct for thise sensitive to caffine.

  • Enveloped Coffee bags – packaged in individual envelopes for maximum freshness.
  • Decaffeinated 100% Roast & Ground Artisan Coffee – ideal for those sensitive to caffeine, best enjoyed after dinner or in the evening.
  • Rich peanut and chocolate notes.
  • Makes a perfect ‘filter’ style coffee, which can be enjoyed black or with a splash of milk.
  • Easy roast & ground coffee enjoyment with less hassle – just add boiling water, infuse for 3 minutes, stir and squeeze the bag for maximum flavour and then remove the bag.
  • Low strength

Taste notes:
Rich peanut and chocolate notes, medium body and low acidity.

Usage instructions:
For best enjoyment – simply add boiling water to your coffee bag, leave to infuse for 3 minutes, stir and squeeze the bag for maximum flavour and then remove the bag.

  • Taste Notes
    ( Chocolatey )
  • Blend
    (South America)
  • Roast
    (1 - Light Roast)
  • Best As
    (Stove Top)

Individual Enveloped Decaffeinated Coffee Bags

100% Roast and ground decaffeinated coffee bags – ideal for those sensitive to caffeine. These coffee bags can be enjoyed in the evening and make the ideal after dinner drink.

From our customers


My son gave me some Farrer's Lakeland special tea. It was so good I thought I would try the coffee.
The coffee is excellent too. Hand grind the beans, take care with amounts and the results are well worth the effort.

top quality tea and coffee

Ordered 3 coffee sacks. Arrived really quickly, great quality and 3 different deigns - all great. Would definitely recommend

Great product

Always quick,always correct,and keep us well informed on product range.

Great product great service

Delivery is always as stated, on time, carefully packed, and with useful tracking. I have been drinking Lakeland tea for a long time; I find it very tasty and refreshing with no bitter aftertaste; it has been given positive comments by friends as family. I love the choice of coffee; I have tried several types and really enjoy their Westmorland blend, but always have a selection. Farrers also offers a wonderful range of fruity tissane which are equally refreshing hot or cold. I would always recommend Farrers to anyone who loves quality tea and coffee.

Great service. Fantastic product.

Excellent coffee. Great service. It's a shame that they have to now charge for delivery for an order under £40. I live a good distance from their shop.

Brilliant Coffee & Fast Service

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