Drink Me Chai Vanilla Chai Latte 1kg

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1 Tub x 1kg Drink Me Chai Vanilla Chai Latte (1kg total)

Vanilla, sweet, creamy, spicy

Sugar, Skimmed MILK Powder (22%), Coconut Oil, Dried Glucose Syrup, Caramelised Sugar, Black Tea Extract (2%), Thickener: Cellulose Gum, Natural Flavouring, Cinnamon (0.6%), MILK Protein, Spices, Stabiliser: E451

Allergen advice: see ingredients in BOLD

Drink Me Chai Vanilla Chai Latte is a powdered blend of spices with natural vanilla flavouring, skimmed milk and sweetened black tea. Containing less than 1% caffeine it's Gluten Free and suitable for vegetarians. Just 68 kcals PER CUP when made with water.

Drink Me Chai pairs well with a variety of milks including non-dairy alternatives like soya, almond and coconut. Perfect for enjoying at home or preparation in a busy coffee shop it can be made with a steam nozzle and decorated with vibrant latte art or enjoyed over ice as a vanilla ice chai latte.

The 1kg catering tin includes a measured scoop for easy preparation making it the perfect for application within foodservice and busy cafe environments.

Bursting with colour, flavour and aroma. Vanilla Chai Latte offers a lower in caffeine experience when compared to coffee & tea. Drink Me Chai is the authentic best selling recipe with a frothy and creamy texture.


Chai Latte: Add 3 teaspoons of powder into a cup. Stir in 200ml hot water  and enjoy.
If you prefer a café style drink, top up with hot milk. Vanilla Chai Latte pairs well with a variety of milks including dairy, soya, almond and coconut.
Iced Chai Latte: Add 4 teaspoons of powder into a tall glass. Pour in cold milk and whizz with a milk frother. Serve over ice.
Eat me: Vanilla Latte powder makes more than just delicious drinks. Try adding to baking or sprinkle over porridge!

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