Decaffeinated Coffee

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Taste Notes

Sweet, Nutty & Fresh Acidity


Low Strength

Roast Profile

Medium Roast

Single Origin



Decaf Coffee

Farrer's decaf coffee is sweet, sharp and refreshingly citrusy. Best enjoyed last thing at night.



More about this decaf coffee

A Brazilian bean, dried with the berry intact, increasing the sweetness and body of the flavours, with the caffeine extracted - leaving a sweet coffee with nutty notes, soft body and sharp refreshing finish. Perfect for those who are sensitive to caffeine, yet want to enjoy an impactful and fresh tasting coffee. This decaffeinated coffee is best enjoyed in the evening in front of the TV; it won't keep you awake all night!



Recommended Brew Method

recommended brew method cafetiere or drip filter
Decaf coffee is best brewed through a filter or cafetière. We recommend 18-23g coffee per 350ml of water.


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