Mexican Terruno Nayarita Reserva

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Taste Notes

Sweet citrus


Low Strength

Roast Profile

Light Roast

Single Origin



Mexican Terruno Nayarita Reserva

Grown on the slopes of a dormant volcano, Mexican Terruno Nayarita Reserva is an explosion of bright & fruity citrus flavours.




More about this coffee

Mexico might not be the first place you think of when you think of coffee growing countries however this is a single origin coffee experience that might change your mind.

Terruno Nayarita translated means ‘from my land’.  A specially cultivated Arabica coffee, this Mexican coffee is grown on the slopes of a dormant volcano, west of Teppic near Cerro San Juan. The rich volcanic soil helps to define this coffee’s rich velvet body and natural bright acidity.

We’ve roasted this coffee lightly to help those citrusy flavours flow through, which means to truly appreciate we recommend you enjoy it black from a drip filter, V60 or cafetière.  Mexican Terruno Nayarita Reserva is the perfect drink to wake up with on light sunny mornings.

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Mexican Single Origin Coffee


Recommended Brew Method

recommended brew method filter

Mexican Terruno Nayarita Reserva is best brewed through a filter, drip filter or aeropress. We recommend you use 18g coffee per 300ml of water.


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