Decaffeinated Espresso Blend Coffee

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Taste Notes

Dark Chocolate


Low Strength

Roast Profile

Medium Roast

Single Origin

Coffee Blend

Decaffeinated Espresso Blend Coffee

Decaffeinated Espresso Blend is designed to entice the senses but not over stimulate the body. Perfect for coffee shop style coffee without the caffeine.



More about this decaf coffee

A blend of full bodied decaffeinated beans, roasted to produce a dark chocolate flavour, for an espresso machine or stove-top pot. This coffee will entice your senses with it's powerful aroma and deep flavours, so its perfect at night or for those sensitive to caffeine.


Recommended Brew Method

recommended brew method espresso
Decaf Espresso Blend coffee is best enjoyed through an espresso machine. It makes the perfect base for traditional coffee shop drinks like cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites.

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