How to Make Royal Tea

How to Make Royal Tea

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The summer season is in full swing… Wimbledon has slipped by; lashings of cream and delicious strawberries have been served up, all washed down with copious cups of tea…

But that’s no surprise, after all as a nation we drink huge amounts of tea… (62 billion cups a year!) Staggering but true… If the truth be told, tea is part and parcel of who we are… it’s as British as strawberries and cream and even Wimbledon…

We’re pretty sure that our country would come to a shuddering, grinding halt without starting the day properly with a good old-fashioned cuppa…

That said there seems to be a usurper on the block, especially in the late afternoons and evenings… Gin infused with tea… the London bar scene has fully embraced Mother’s ruin laced with tea… and is getting seriously creative in the process…

It’s everywhere you look… there’s a mind-boggling variety of possible tea infusions mostly made with straight-talking London dry gin and garnished with all sorts of fruity delights…

So not wishing to be shy, we thought we would get in on the act and craft a take on an old favourite Royal-Tea recipe…

A recipe originally crafted by those lovely folks at Beefeater using Earl Grey… and bingo you have a simple gin and tea recipe… we decided to have a little bit of a tinker and have added our own little twist… Blue Lady Tea!

You might say we’ve created the perfect afternoon tea accompaniment with a little added pick-me-up…

Farrer’s Blue Lady is a mild black tea specially blended with petals from mallow and marigold flowers and then subtly flavoured with a hint of citrusy grapefruit… the perfect addition to a long cocktail

But don’t just take our word for it give it a whirl and try it yourself

You will discover that you make some fantastic all year round cocktails and iced teas… Chilled Blue Lady and our classic Earl Grey provide the perfect base for long cocktails and our tisanes will help you create an array of unusual and really vibrant iced teas – perfect delicious summer coolers.


This royal tea recipe is really rather simple, using fresh water, add. 2.5g Tea, 200ml boiling water. Brew by adding boiling water to the loose tea leaves and infuse for 3 – 5 minutes then cool. Once the tea has cooled add the gin, add a little sugar to taste, serve over ice and garnish with a twist of lemon.


1.5 fl oz of London dry gin

2 fl oz Farrer’s Blue Lady Tea (freshly brewed, and chilled)

1 teaspoon sugar (to taste)

Garnish: with a twist of lemon


Pour into a tall glass over ice, stir and garnish with a twist of lemon.

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