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Food Unwrapped

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We’re set to feature in Channel 4’s prime time investigative food programme Food Unwrapped!

The ground-breaking programme, will return to our screens this April, and once again sets out to explore industry secrets behind the nation’s favourite food and drink.

The episode featuring the 202-year-old Tea and Coffee merchants is set to air on our TV screens on Friday 16th April at 8pm.

Series 19 – Episode 1



During the episode, filmed in November 2019 (pre-Covid), DR. Helen Lawal joins Farrer’s Sales Manager and Barista Trainer Brian Williams, as he shows her how to create the perfect espresso and explains the importance of ‘crema’ when it comes to crafting the perfect drink.

The segment is about froth on coffee which leads the team to Farrer’s to find about ‘crema’.



Espresso crema is the tan-coloured foam that sits on top of the liquid in an espresso coffee. It’s a sure sign that your barista has pulled a good shot of espresso and that the flavour will be really well balanced.

Coffee beans give off small amounts of carbon dioxide, when fresh coffee is ground for espresso this carbon dioxide release is important. When the resulting espresso shot is poured, micro-bubbles begin to form on the surface of the espresso crema, essentially trapped flavours, which are first to hit the tongue. Without it, you experience a significantly different taste, with thin and dull flavours.

Brian shows Helen the intricacies of pulling the perfect espresso shot with a ‘crema’ that isn’t too thick, nor too thin and then lets Helen loose to have a go herself, to see if she can perfect the art and become a fledgling Barista…


Brian Williams, John Farrer & Co’s Sales Manager commented:

‘’It was great to be able to share some of our knowledge with Helen and explain the stages involved in crafting the perfect coffee. Hopefully, people will see the factors that contribute to making a great espresso – the beans, the roast, the machine and the Barista all playing a big role. We tried, between us, to demystify some of the jargon used in coffee culture – hoping to show viewers what they should expect from a great cup of coffee every time.’’

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