El Encanto - Antigua - Guatemala

El Encanto - Antigua - Guatemala

Farrer’s not only have a long coffee heritage, but their small, dedicated team have the drive and vision to bring you the very best ethically sourced coffees from around the globe.

This March Farrers is introducing a new and intoxicating blend from the Antigua region of Guatemala.

Guatemala’s expertise in growing such spectacular coffee comes from a variety of growing regions and conditions and is revered as a producer of some of the most flavourful beans worldwide.

Antigua has historically been Guatemala’s best-known coffee growing region as the climate and land are perfect for growing. The soil is volcanic, with frequent eruptions from the nearby Volan Fuego sprinkling a dust of mineral-ash on the fields. Humidity is relatively low and the regions extensive sunny days and cool nights slows the cherry development, resulting in a sweet, dense cherry and a quality, exotic coffee.

(Image by @eduardorosal on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/photos/tgmCPfcds-c)

Three generations of Don Juventino Mirón farm the breath-taking land that surrounds Finca El Encanto in the Antigua region of Guatemala. Employing from the local community of Los Placeres and providing the staff and community with benefits such as free pre-school and healthcare facilities. Don Juventino Mirón takes pride in teaching his family and staff coffee-growing techniques to continue producing their exclusive crop in the decades to come.

In the heart of the El Encanto farm, Don Mirón produces 100% Arabica coffee from the highly specialised Catuai variety. The farm comprises of 17 hectares in total and is located at between 1,500 and 1,600 meters above sea level, which means that the coffee produced is classified as high altitude grown, driving a premium price around the world.

In addition to Finca El Encanto being breathtakingly beautiful, the native trees provide home to a rich series of ecosystems creating habitats for a varied range of wildlife which acts as a filtration system for water sources and helps prevent erosion.

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Coffees grown at the Encanto farm benefit from being cultivated in plenty of shade from the sun, with 45% of the growing area in the shade of native trees. This allows for slower maturation of the coffee’s natural sugars raising the levels of sweetness and acidity for a premium flavour.

Once brewed this coffee will give off a nutty aroma with flavours of Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut with a hint of green apple to finish. It is a coffee that has been carefully selected by our master roasters not only because of its delicious flavour profiles but because of the pride and dedication of Don Mirón to build up a community whilst producing a high quality product.

Farm: Finca El Encanto

Country: Guatemala

Region: Antigua

Varietal: Catuaí

Process: Fully Washed

Profile: Milk Chocolate / Hazelnut / Green Apple

Cup Score: 85+