Cuba Serrano Lavado

The month of September brings a new and exciting coffee to your doorstep. Serrano Levado is a coffee lovingly produced in the Escambray area of The Republic of Cuba.

Planted in the Sierra Maestra Mountains in the rich soil, the coffee trees remain protected by the forests so there is no need for fertilisers and the mild temperatures and frequent rainfall help to create a premium, chemical free coffee.

The cherries are produced in the traditional manner, handpicked and delivered by donkeys to nearby washing stations where the cherries are then sorted, washed and laid out in the hot sun for drying.

The master roasters at Farrers chose this coffee because of Cuba’s passion for elegant, rich, small batch coffees with unique flavour profiles. When this coffee is brewed flavours of tobacco and spices first appear before finishing with a nutty, biscuit sweetness and hints of chocolate. Ideal to be brewed using a cafetière and even served with a drop of milk if you so desire.

Farm: Cooperative Farm
Country: Republic of Cuba
Region: El Nicho, Escambray, Santa Clara
Varietal: Typica
Process: Washed
Profile: Notes of brown sugar, chocolate, nuts with a floral sweet finish
Cup Score: 88