Why is single origin coffee growing in popularity?

If you’ve spent any time online or in the company of coffee aficionados there is no doubt you’ve heard all about the virtues of specific coffees, from certain regions and single estate coffees etc. It’s sometimes difficult to tell apart the value from the virtue signalling, the reality from the rhetoric. So let’s try and debunk some of the terminology and talk straightforwardly about single origin coffee.


What is single origin coffee?

Single origin means the coffee beans come from one source in a particular location.  Often this means a specific country of origin, sometimes it means a particular region, and occasionally it means from a single farm which is called a ‘Single Estate’ coffee.

what is single origin coffee

The majority of roasted coffee is blended. There are several very good reasons to blend coffees:

  • Blended coffees can be made to very consistent – blending requires the roaster to blend to taste so over time, fine adjustments can be made to keep a consistent or favourite flavour.
  • Blended coffees can be complex, by combining different origin coffees you can create a myriad of qualities.
  • Blending keeps a coffee balanced, which is to say a balance of acidity and bitterness, of strength and subtlety and of aroma and depth.
  • Blended coffees are also economically more consistent, since the impact of a low crop for example after frost in the region does not impact the whole value of the cup.

For these reasons and others many roasters prefer blends. At Farrers we love blends too, our 200th year Anniversary Roast for example, contains five different beans from across the globe. The beans in this particular case are Brazil Fazenda, Colombian Granja La Esperanza, Guatemala Huehuetenango Pena Roja, Indian Cherry and Mexican Monte Azul. The beans are expertly blended by hand in their raw form. This delivers a fantastic marriage of flavours and brings the best attributes from each of the five beans to deliver a delicious light roasted coffee.

However we do really have a passion for Single Origin coffees and here’s why:


Single Origin coffee allows you to experience the taste of the region

Coffee, especially Arabica coffee beans (the large classic rugby ball shaped ones that grow at altitude) are incredibly sensitive to climatic and  natural conditions. Coffee’s take on the taste the region, depending on the soil, the minerals in the soil, the weather, the temperature. It’s such a shame to always blend these characteristics, often they are fabulous to experience in the original state.


Single Origin varies season to season

Just like wine, single origin coffees vary season to season and that’s a lot of fun. Life isn’t just about Latte, it’s a pursuit of experience and joy in nature.




Do single origin coffees taste better than blends?

Let’s get a little more complex and take the taste test.

It’s not right or wrong to your coffee black or white, drink it as you like it but if you enjoy coffee with a little milk or black then single origin coffees make more sense, because their characteristics are clear and their distinctiveness evident. You can enjoy a particular flavour in its most stripped back form to deliver that perfect single flavour hit. Be it a hint of cherry, chocolate or spice.

do single origin coffees taste better than coffee blends



Single origin coffees help local economies

Sourcing coffee from small growers really is a good thing especially as we are all fairly conscious that we want to help the little guy. Single origin couldn’t get much more transparent. After all, the coffee you buy is from a single farm and you are directly influencing that farmer’s quality of life and that of his family. By making that purchase not only that you are buying into the story of that producer, the quality of the product and everything else that goes with it. If you’re keen on traceability single origin is right for you!

single origin coffees help local economies

Our coffee blends originate from small collective growers

At Farrer’s we do things a little differently from most. The coffee beans we buy for our blends are not from big growers. We take a great deal of time and care to source from small collectives.

People who just like single origin producers care about the quality of what they are creating, care about their reputation and share the economic benefit derived from what they sell within their community, funding schools, clinics, wells, housing schemes and creating employment opportunities.

We care about who we buy from. Either way sourcing coffee from Farrer’s is ethical and ensures that the small guy benefits from the brew we craft for your enjoyment.


More than 30 different single origin coffees and blends

Whether you’re a fan of coffee blends or prefer single origin coffee, one of the things we’re committed to is sourcing high quality coffee from small coffee growers and collectives from all over the world.

We wouldn’t be able to call ourselves an artisan coffee roaster without a wide range. We offer more than 30 different speciality blends and single origin coffees. Our range features some of the rarest as well as most sought after coffees from across the globe.

Thai Peaberry Alt

New in are:

Guatemala Pacamara – As indulgent as the creamiest dessert. Pacamara’s exquisite flavours will transport you to a tropical paradise surrounded by luscious cloud forests. You’ll experience citrus fruit and nut flavours in this is characterful coffee.

Thai Peaberry – Grown in the cool mountains of North Thailand. Thai Peaberry produces a uniquely flavourful cup which is guaranteed to delight even the most sophisticated of coffee lovers. Peaberry is very sharp, acidic, fresh.   It tends to polarise people – those that love it and some loathe it. Either way it’s highly distinctive.

World Heritage Coffee – Join us on an adventure to Quindío, Colombia our sister world heritage site. This Arabica coffee is a cultural celebration of all things cafeteros. Colombian is the worlds largest single origin producer, Colombian coffee is prized for it’s delicate flavours, smooth, sweet and acidic drinking nature.


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