What’s the secret to great tasting coffee?

We’ll cut right to the chase on this one. The secret to great tasting coffee is… keeping it fresh.

Coffee like most fresh foods can be easily influenced by the things that surround it… air, light, moisture, temperature all impact on it’s flavour.

Fresh coffee beans are easy to spot… all you have to do is look for a glossy almost shiny appearance… this is due to the oils gently leeching out of the beans… that is unless the beans have gone through the Swiss Water process to remove the caffeine or they’ve only been lightly roasted which in both cases reduces the glossy factor to a dull shine…

However, having spotted fresh beans generations of coffee drinkers the world over have asked themselves this one simple question… how do you keep coffee fresh?

keep coffee fresher for longer
We like to grind our coffee beans.


How do you keep coffee fresh?

After all, we are all in search of nirvana when it comes to the freshness of our coffee, no one wants to brew-up each in the morning and face the disappointment of a coffee that doesn’t have a good body, great taste and bags of flavour because it’s not been stored properly…

The trouble is coffee can be affected by so many variables… air, moisture, light and extremes of temperature can all affect the quality of our coffee, having an impact on its taste, aroma and freshness.

No matter what you want to keep your coffee fresh whole coffee beans need to be used within 24 hours after being exposed to air, and once beans are ground it will last for just an hour…

Keep them in a dark, airtight container and store them somewhere cool and dry and out of direct sunlight.
Avoid heat, so don’t keep them near your cooker!


Top 5 tips for fresher tasting coffee

1.  Avoid steam, no you really shouldn’t keep them next to the kettle… just think of all that lovely moisture from your steaming kettle…

2.  Avoid moisture, contrary to popular myth storing in your fridge or freezer really isn’t a good idea. This allows moisture to form and reach your beans.

3.  Keeping your coffee airtight is probably the biggest factor in keeping your coffee tasting fresh. When coffee beans are exposed to air they start to oxidise. The air reacts with the acids, aromatics, and oils making the coffee taste stale. Air chips away at all the good stuff in the coffee bean which contains all of its flavour and characteristics.

4.  Ever heard of stewed coffee? That’s when coffee is brewed and left to stand. You should always drink your coffee as soon as it’s brewed for the freshest taste. Leaving it in the cafetiere or coffee filter will cause the coffee to stew and it will start to lose its character and flavour the longer it’s left on the counter undrunk.

5.  Once opened use within 72 hours! Coffee is a fresh commodity and once roasted the beans start to deteriorate… so you’ve got a ready-made excuse to use them up and buy some more…



So, what’s the secret to keeping fresh coffee beans…

Oddly Farrer’s have been mulling over this conundrum for over 200 years and thanks to the involvement of a few boffins, a designer or two and some packaging specialists they’ve hit on the perfect storage solution… an airtight sealed coffee container…

Easy to open pull ring for coffee freshness


The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers

Farrer’s 250g Intense Blend Coffee Beans are hermetically sealed and packaged in a protective atmosphere to ensure maximum freshness.

how to keep coffee fresh

But obviously you’ve got to open the tin to get at the beans inside… once you’ve done that and ground your beans, you can reuse the opened tin to store your freshly ground coffee in (it’s airtight)… so not only does the tin keep your beans fresh in the first place, it is also makes an ever- so handy, perfectly designed, home storage solution too which has the added advantage of looking pretty sleek snazzy too… making it the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life this Christmas…


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