Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s is just round the corner but reading this you might be asking what has coffee got to do with the most romantic day of the calendar year?


Coffee is an aphrodisiac

Well oddly as it happens coffee features high on the list of foods that are potential aphrodisiacs, which may or may not be responsible for sparking a little bit of romance this Valentine’s!

If you look hard enough, you’ll discover that pretty much every food there’s ever been has been touted as an aphrodisiac at some time or other. Ultimately the association between eating and certain primal instincts is pretty well documented, after all we associate both with pleasure in some shape or form.

But despite these associations and the fact that aphrodisiacs are named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, there’s little evidence to support the fact that their long history as natural libido boosters has any scientific basis.

Having said that, many of us keep believing and consuming aphrodisiacs as part of our dating rituals. There are quite a few you may have heard of, including the likes of oysters, chocolate, champagne, asparagus and strawberries, and perhaps there are a few you might not have even considered, like pumpkin, celery, apples, pine nuts and even coffee!

coffee for first date

The funny thing is most of us don’t see coffee in that way. After all you don’t see many references to coffee in many romantic novels or films, but you do see copious bottles of champagne, lots of chocolate and punnets of strawberries!

While most aphrodisiacs seem to be based around foods with certain shapes, texture or colours there are other foods that contain properties that without a shadow of a doubt stimulate the pleasures centres found in the human brain and coffee is one of them.

So, we all know coffee is the most consumed drink in the world and we all know its reputation as an aid to staying awake when your need to get a piece of work done. But when you do a little digging, you’ll soon discover that countless studies have shown that having a romantic brew can actually be helpful in the bedroom department. That’s because coffee is a stimulant, and as a result it helps fire off several receptors in the brain related to happiness and increased cravings. Not only that it’s well known that caffeine enhances stamina and boosts energy levels.


What coffee is best for Valentine’s Day?

It’s well documented that coffee makes people alert, and that the aromas from fresh ground beans release endorphins, which provide a general feeling of well-being. But perhaps most importantly of all caffeine encourages the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that has several important functions linked to the pleasure spots in the brain and to the body including arousal, executive functions, reward, motivation, motor control, and reward.

So, the million-dollar question revolves around what kind of coffee works best when it comes to a little bit of amorous activity?

Happily, that’s fairly easy to answer… fresh, fresh, fresh. In other words, fresh coffee, preferably in bean form is best until a fresh pot is needed!


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

That helpfully brings us on the crucial question. What do you gift this Valentine’s Day? Help make your loved one feel special with our top 5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas.


5. Farrer’s No.1 Cafetière Bundle – £11.95

Treat your loved one to a classic this Valentine’s featuring our signature Arabica blend. Farrer’s best selling No. 1 Blend coffee cafetière grind coffee complete with Cafetière.

farrers no 1 blend coffee cafetiere bundle

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4. Lakeland Special® Tea Bundle – £11.95

The perfect Valentine’s gift for any tea lover featuring our award winning Lakeland Special® loose leaf tea and infusion teapot.

lakeland special tea gift bundle

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3. Coffee Gift Subscription – from £24.75

Does your loved one like trying new things and exploring the world of coffee?  Then this is the ideal gift for them.

Give the gift that keeps on giving this Valentines with a personalised coffee subscription. Coffee, exactly when you want it, sent in letterbox friendly packaging with contactless delivery!

coffee subscription the perfect gift for loved ones

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2. Ruby Hot Chocolate Indulgence Bundle – £19.00

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s without chocolate and this is the ultimate indulgence gift for any chocoholic!

Ruby Hot Chocolate, Mini Marshmallows, Chocolate Flakes and a 12oz Latte Glass – what’s not to love?

ruby hot chocolate gift bundle

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 1. Colombia Filter Coffee Bundle – £22.99

This Drip Filter starter bundle is the ideal gift for any coffee lover with our award winning Colombia coffee, 120z Enamel Mug and V60 Drip Filter and papers.

colombia coffee bundle gift set

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Need another gift idea?

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