Silver Needles Tea

Silver Needles Tea

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Combining mellow freshness and a sweetness of melon and cucumber.

White Tea.

A white tea –hand plucked at the end of April this, long, soft and downy, silver needle comprises the first spring buds of the da-bai tea plant, with characteristic silver needle hairs with offer protection to the young buds. Soft and mellow in its flavour, with the freshness of honeydew melon and the soothing sweetness of a ripe cantaloupe. Its light, delicate quenching flavours are underpinned by cucumber and melon freshness yet surprisingly full textured with a satisfying velvety finish.

Use fresh water. 2g Tea, 200ml boiling water. Brew by adding 75 - 80°C water and leave to infuse for 2 - 4 minutes.

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