Hessian Coffee Sacks

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With coffee roasting comes no shortage of hessian coffee sacks!

Hessian sacks are made from jute - a fibre that’s spun into coarse, strong threads. These bulk sacks are used for packaging green coffee beans when transporting them across the globe. The woven nature of the fabric allows the coffee to breathe and is essential for transporting and storing moisture sensitive products.

  • Enjoy 3, 6 or 9 randomly selected large, high quality hessian sacks that originate from all over the world including: South America, Africa, Asia and Central America.
  • Some hessian coffee sacks may include unique colours and brands from coffee growers, which are ideal for collectors. However, as these are randomly selected from our inventory we can’t guarantee specific sacks.
  • Each sack can hold up to 69kg and they measure approximately 100cm (L) x 67cm (W).
  • Hessian sacks are ideal for long term storage of potatoes and root vegetables including onions and yams - simply fill the sack and store in a cool, dry place.
  • Hessian sacks can be upcycled. They’re used for decoration and even clothing. They’re also useful for a range of other activities including sack races and sports day type events. They help to develop motor skills and are a fun activity for children and adults alike!
  • Want larger quantity options? Contact us direct for prices: Hello@Farrerscoffee.co.uk

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