Easy Like a Sunday Morning Coffee Survival Kit

Easy Like a Sunday Morning Coffee Survival Kit

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Everything you need to brew coffee at home or whilst camping featuring a Stove Top Coffee Maker. 

This coffee survival kit includes:

  • 1x Carry tote bag
  • 1x V60 Hario Drip Filter and Papers
  • 1x Enamel Mug
  • 1x Signature Speciality Ground Coffee 250g
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The benefits of V60 coffee:

This elegant piece of coffee engineering has been crafted to ensure the V shaped cone is angled at 60 degrees and has a distinctive spiral pattern which allows for maximum coffee extraction meaning better flavour.

  • Pour over coffee gives you complete control over your coffee extraction, allowing for better and more satisfying cups of coffee to be made easily by hand.
  • The V60 dripper has as single large hole which allows you to determine the coffee flavour by adjusting the water flow.
  • The spiral design maximises coffee extraction by allowing the air to escape whilst brewing.


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