Costa Rica Batamba Geisha

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Taste Notes

Complex Fruity Notes


Medium Strength

Roast Profile

Medium Roast

Single Origin

Costa Rica

Batamba Geisha - Costa Rica

Lots of bright fruit complexity and flavours that develop as the cup cools, this Geisha has flavours of Bergamot, pear, candyfloss, strawberry, passion fruit, cherry, honey, coconut, honeysuckle, lime.
The John Farrer Signature collection complements Farrer’s diverse range of coffees, focussing on small batch seasonal single origin offerings from across the globe.


More about this coffee

This Geisha comes from Costa Rica which is now rivalling the Panamanian varieties and with a cupping score of 88.5 this coffee is certainly amongst the reasons why. 

We loved the flavour and complexity that comes from this Geisha coffee and especially as the cup cools. The Geisha at Batamba was planted in 2016, and so this is the very beginning of its productive life, we look forward to the future if this coffee is just the start.

Carlos Luis Urena Hidalgo owns the Santa Rosa farm in the Santa Maria district of the Dota canton. Batamba is the name of a sector on the Santa Rosa farm where the geisha varietal grows. This plot itself has always been known as Batamba, preceding the farm.


Single Origin Coffee

ALTITUDE  1,750 – 1,850 metres


More about the process

Ripe cherries are monitored and only picked with a brix content of 20% or greater. Taken to the micro mill, they are fermented in the cherry for 18 hours before being depulped with demucilagers that are commonly found in Costa Rica and massively cut water consumption. Taken to the drying patios, they briefly rest under full sun for a couple of days before moving to the raised beds of the greenhouses where they are constantly turned for 15 days until dry.


Recommended Brew Method

Costa Rica Batamba Geisha is best brewed through a filter, drip filter or aeropress.



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