Free Standing Knock Box


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FREE STANDING KNOCK BOX – Lightweight and high quality stainless steel makes our knock box reliable, easy to transport and durable. Avoid scraping out the inside of your group handle with a knife or spoon and use our knock box instead to maximise the handles life. Designed for professional barista use our knock box is extremely durable which makes it ideal for rushed baristas or those who are a little heavy handed.

NON-SLIP – You won’t need to worry about spilling coffee grinds with this knock box. The rubberised non-slip base clings to the surface of the counter to prevent scratches and ensures coffee grounds stay in the box!

LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY CLEANING – easy to transport and clean. The knock box is the ideal baritsa accessory to minimise the mess of coffee grinds. The knock box can be easily emptied and cleaned.

MAXIMUM SPACE MINIMAL FOOTPRINT – Standing at 175mm, this knock bin is ideal for a busy cafe environment and can store all of your used coffee grinds.


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