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Finca El Ingenio – Classic Central American Coffee

A classic Central American coffee. El Salvador Finca El Ingenio is a labour of love spanning 6 generations of family. Grown in a tropical paradise, this coffee will win you over with its charming fruity flavours and subtle acitity.

Taste Notes

Coffee taste profile

Toffee, plum, apple, chocolate and caramel


Coffee Strength

Low Strength

Roast Profile

coffee roast profile

Medium Roast

Single Origin

Coffee Origin v2

El Salvador

More about this coffee

Finca El Ingenio is a classic Central American taste profile – sweet with great body, and notes of toffee, plum, apple, chocolate and caramel. Gentle acitity towards the finish.

This coffee is packed in a resealable bag, box and comes with an information insert.

El Salvador produces some very tasty coffees indeed. High grown estates, in tropical conditions, amongst semi active volcanic regions create an unparalleled habitat for coffee. Beans mature fairly quickly here, and as a result the bean structure is fairly soft, and quick to roast! The subtle acidity and simple flavours that come from El Salvador make this loveable and highly drinkable coffee.

Finca El Ingenio dates back to 1875 when Mr. Juan Urrutia planted the first coffee tress at high altitude in volcanic soil and the first crop of 27 bags was produced.

Sixth-generation Enrique, Rene and Gustavo run the farm, with their father Gustavo still involved as an advisor.

All the Urrutias Estate coffees are 100% shade grown and native trees are planted every year to prevent erosion.

A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the farm is unsuprisingly Rainforest Alliance certified and is home to many resident and migratory birds.

The coffee is washed and placed into a wet fermentation tank before progressing to the drying stage, which is split between guardiolas and patios depending on the weather, need, and volume of cherry being delivered to the mill.

El Salvador Finca El Ingenio - Hero 2

Single Origin Coffee

ALTITUDE 1,200 – 1,800 metres

Recommended Brew Method

Filter coffee brew method
El Salvador Finca El Ingenio is best brewed through a filter, drip filter or aeropress. We recommend you use 18g coffee per 300ml of water.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, Stove Top, Whole Bean


250g, 1kg

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