New Limited Edition Single Origin Coffee

We’ve marked the second anniversary of the Lake District’s status as  UNESCO World Heritage site by unveiling a limited-edition single origin coffee at this year’s Westmorland County Show.


New World Heritage Coffee limited edition single origin


Finca El Eden, Single Origin Colombian Coffee

Grown in the UNESCO World Heritage Site (the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia). This coffee is found in the high Andean forests. It endures difficult conditions and must be painstakingly handpicked. We’ve selected the finest beans and roasted them in our artisan facility in the English Lake District. This combination of cultural heritages has led to our first World Heritage Coffee.

An ideal drinking coffee, we recommend you enjoy this black or with a splash of milk.

  • Whole Bean or Cafetière grind
  • Low Strength
  • Notes of: Candy floss, Plum, Marzipan, Strawberries


Two World Heritage Sites – One Coffee

This is the embodiment of collaborative opportunity… businesses from two World Heritage sites on opposite sides of the globe interacting to craft something unique and distinctive, each using facets of their individual cultural heritage to their advantage.

Both locations, whilst sharing World Heritage status, also share a similar geography. Both are largely rural mountain farming communities, they are both places where nature and man in equal measure have come to shape those landscapes and create the unique cultural heritage we see today.


Roasting coffee for 200 years in the English Lake District

roasted in the english lake district world heritage site

Whilst our 200-year-old coffee roastery, one of the UK’s oldest, located in the English Lake District, England, sits in similarly mountainous area, whose valleys have been modelled in turn by nature and by man. Creating a uniquely harmonious landscape, the inspiration for the Picturesque and the Romantic movements and latterly triggering early efforts to preserve beautiful landscapes.


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New Limited Edition Single Origin Coffee