The Best Tea Just Got Better

The Best Tea Just Got Better

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Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world after water and as a drink its infused with a multitude of customs and rituals linked to the way it’s drunk, which vary from culture to culture and country to country. However, there is one common theme and is how it has been packaged and presented through the ages.

Which is why Farrer’s of Kendal who are embarking on their third century of selling tea in the Lakes have decided to give their tea bag range a little bit of a makeover.

Working with the creative team at Kendal based design studio Cactus Creative we are proud to announce the launch of a range of brand-new packaging designs for our seven of our teas, including English Breakfast, Green Tea and Darjeeling.


Each of the seven designs in the series captures a favourite Lakeland spot, and showcases the essence of what makes this place we call home so special. We hope that they’ll put a smile on your face every time you open your tea cupboard and maybe even encourage you to get about and about and explore more of the Lakes for yourself.

For over 200 years, Farrer’s has blended a unique range of natural speciality teas to delight your palate and lift your spirits. Each of the 40 flavours in our collection is expertly crafted using only the highest quality premium teas, herbs, spices and fruits to produce truly exceptional drinks. Nothing but the best tea.

Our designs are new, but rest assured the blends inside haven’t changed one bit, and with the addition of our new interior product wrapping, you’ll find that your favourite teas taste even fresher than ever.


In the coming weeks you’ll see our new tea bags take pride of place as they arrive in tea aisles across the region. But if you simply can’t wait to get your mitts on them, you can buy tea online through our online shop.

Dave Walsh, Farrer’s General Manager commented:

“We really felt it was time for an update and we couldn’t be happier with the designs. As a company we’ve had so many successes over the last 200 years and we wanted to create a range of designs that would take us forward into our third century of business. We hope to strengthen the strong emotional ties people have to Farrer’s by remaining true to the landscape that inspires us, whilst forging relationships with new tea drinkers by bringing a sense of adventure to their tea-drinking experience.”

Matthew Richardson, Creative Director, Cactus Creative said:

‘’This project is the culmination of a year long re-brand for Farrer’s and in it we have captured the relationship between Farrer’s Teas and the inspirational setting of the Lake District. Between them, the images encapsulate the variety of this ever-changing landscape at different times of the year. Individually each blend features a time and place that reveals something of its essence. Green Tea is represented by the lush Langdale Valley, Darjeeling brings us a crisp bright Derwentwater and English Breakfast finds the midsummer sun breaking over Wastwater. We all have our favourite teas and parts of the Lake District and we hope these designs inspire people to find new ones.’’


Which is your favourite design? Let us know, find us @farrersteaandcoffee

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