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Five In A Row

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We're pleased to announce that we're helping caffeinate five rowers as they take on the daunting task of rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic this December.

Five Scottish rowers: Ian Baird, Duncan Hughes, Ross McKinney, Fraser Potter and Clive Rooney, known collectively as 'Five In A Row' will embark on their epic row from La Gomera, in the Canary Islands to Antigua, in the Caribbean, in a bid to raise funds for Reverse Rett, as they compete in the world’s toughest rowing challenge, The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Farrer's are supporting this challenge because two of our staff are close to a family whose daughter suffers with Rett, and wanted to help out in any way we could. We've agreed to provide the crew with hundreds of coffee bags to keep them going during their fundraising voyage.

This epic feat of endurance will see the five crew members row in 2-hour shifts, 24 hours a day for over a month as they race other crews. Like the other competitors, they are rowing unsupported, carrying all of their food, water and supplies on board. Not only that, along the way they may well be facing towering 40ft waves, will definitely experience severe sleep deprivation and will have to try to navigate using distinctly primitive washroom facilities in a space the size of a small transit van.

Why are they doing this seemingly impossible task? To raise funds to help Reverse Rett, a charity dedicated to helping change the lives of children and adults suffering from this currently incurable illness. The link to the charity centres on crew member Ross McKinney, whose young daughter, Eliza, suffers from Rett.

Rett Syndrome as it’s known, is a postnatal neurological disorder, which mainly affects little girls, around the age of 12-18 months. Almost all cases of the illness are spontaneous and occur randomly. Currently there's no cure for Rett syndrome, so treatment focuses on managing the symptoms.

Most people with the illness are essentially trapped in their bodies, unable to speak, walk or use their hands and often suffer with other complex issues as well including problems breathing and eating.

Farrer’s General Manager, Dave Walsh, said:

"As a team we feel that it’s really important for us to support charities like Reverse Rett where we can. Five In A Row are aiming to do something truly remarkable and their efforts will hopefully provide considerable support to the charity and help to raise awareness of this illness. I would wholeheartedly encourage businesses to get involved in supporting charities like Reverse Rett in any way they can, no matter how small, to help make a difference." 

Duncan Hughes from Five In A Row commented:

"We’re very grateful to Farrer’s for generously supplying us with more than enough coffee to get us to Antigua. From our training rows it has become clear that taking a moment to enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the morning is a genuine highlight of the day."

Click here to learn more or sponsor Five In A Row.

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