Experience Yellow Earl Tea at Lowther Castle Café

Experience Yellow Earl Tea at Lowther Castle Café

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It’s all yellow in Lowther Castle this summer. We’re excited to announce that we’ve created a unique blend of tea for Lowther Castle and Gardens – Yellow Earl Tea.

This uniquely blended tea is created with some of our finest loose leaf tea leaves, Golden Monkey and Earl Grey, which produces a rich flavoured brew and a golden yellow colour.


For those that aren’t in the know the Yellow Earl is synonymous with Lowther. Hugh Cecil Lowther, the 5th Earl of Lonsdale, had a something of a passion for the colour yellow, which later became his unofficial moniker and coat of arms.

Described as “irresponsible” by his in-laws he made some dubious business decisions. This included a failed venture in America investing in cattle.

After he inherited his title and the Lowther estate in 1888 he proceeded to live the life of Riley and spent his time in pursuing his own interests. He explored the Arctic regions in Canada, where he nearly died. He amassed a collection of Inuit artefacts from this expedition which are now on display in the British Museum. He loved sport which included horses, boxing, football and fast cars. He also had a bit of a ‘roving eye’ too which on occasion got him into some serious hot water.

Amongst his achievements he was a founder and first president of the Automobile Association (AA). Lowther was a founding member and first president of the National Sporting Club, donating the original Lonsdale championship boxing belts. He became the chairman of Arsenal football club, and the first president of the International Horse Show at Olympia. He also helped to found the organisation which later became the Blue Cross.



With such a rich and full lived life it’s no surprise that Lowther also became known as ‘England’s greatest sporting gentleman’. To top it all off he even lent his name to a sports clothing brand and a cigar size.

However, as you might expect even his deep pockets couldn’t cope. His ostentatious lifestyle eventually caught up with him. He was forced to auction a number of properties and parcels of land to survive.

His brother the 6th Earl inherited the estate in 1947 and was forced to offload the contents of Lowther Castle, which became the largest English Country House sale of the 20th century.

It really only seemed fair to mark the life of this truly extraordinary character and his impact on Lowther Castle and Gardens with a deliciously ironic footnote, Yellow Earl Tea.


Yellow Earl, like its namesake makes a statement. We wanted to create a fitting tribute to such a big personality and using the finest teas available seemed highly appropriate. Yellow Earl Tea is made from the finest loose-leaf teas; including one of the rarest Golden Monkey, a truly premium tea, handpicked in the provinces of Fujian and Yunnan in China. This is carefully blended with elegantly flavoured Earl Grey. Earl Grey is itself a tea with aristocratic roots boasting a delicate hint of bergamot and twist of lemon producing an elegantly and richly flavoured brew with a golden yellow colouring.

You can pick up Golden Monkey Tea and Earl Grey Tea on our webshop but the only way to taste Yellow Earl Tea for yourself is at Lowther Castle café. Lowther Castle is steeped in history with the same family living there for over 850 years. With outdoor activities, gardens and a children’s adventure playground there’s a lot to see and do.




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