Craft Beer with an Artisan Tea Twist

Craft Beer with an Artisan Tea Twist

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Handsome Brewery approached us here at Farrer’s to work on a beer called “Mad March Hare” inspired by two of the more colourful characters in Alice in Wonderland.

They wanted to create a beer with a point of difference and a twist with our legendary Lakeland Special Tea. While coffee has percolated its way into the beer market in the form of stouts and IPAs Handsome Brewery were acutely aware that not many breweries have experimented infusing beer with tea, which we think is definitely a missed trick.

With that in mind they approached us to work with them to create a unique Cumbrian drink – combining a craft bitter made with Lakeland water and our best-selling tea, Lakeland Special.

Tea has subtle characteristics and flavours which served to enhance this brew magnificently. Mad March Hare reminds you of your morning repast, the delicate aroma of tea, the richness and fruitiness of marmalade. But it’s definitely not one of Alice’s “six impossible things to believe in before breakfast” – Beer infused with Tea really works!

We were honoured to be invited to be part of the taste testers trying the new brew. This beer was a real credit Handsome Brewery and our team were more than happy to test this extensively, but responsibly!

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