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White Teas

White Teas are so-called because of the downy white hairs on the bud. The tea usually comprises the bud and the first 2 leaves. Once carefully picked the leaves and buds are dried in the sun or a warm drying room.

The brew they produce typically has a characteristic pale, white-wine colour with a soft, subtle flavour. Antioxidants are especially high and so is the price due to the intense nature of farming, picking and production of this queen of all teas.

For more information on tea processing, see the Tea Guide section.

Choose from our range of White Teas below.

Lunyun White Downy

A delicate white tea from the Guangxi Province of China. With long, twisted leaves this hand-picked tea produces an a...

Silver Needles

Silver Needles


A premium quality white tea from China, this soft and downy silver needle is the first spring buds of the tea plant. ...