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Tea Bags

We offer a range of teas in teabag form, including our iconic Lakeland Special Blend.  Choose from the range of teas below that we recommend for this brew method.

Whilst the tea purist may prefer brewing loose leaf tea, there are a number of benefits of this brew method:

  • Brew one cup as fast as you can say: “English Breakfast with milk and no sugar, please”.

  • Quick and convenient – you know the feeling when you’re getting ready for work in the morning

  • Easy to remove from the brew once the desired strength is reached

  • No untidy wet leaves to deal with – minimal washing up

  • Great for large events

The humble teabag is often regarded as the pauper of the tea world. First commercially introduced by Thomas Sullivan in 1904 in the USA, the bags were intended as something in which to hold the sample leaves.  Although, the porous material was meant to be discarded but customers found it more convenient simply to drop the whole bag into hot water and thus the teabag was born.  The square tea bag was invented in 1944 and like all great designs, it is still with us today.




A delicious full bodied Assam tea with its characteristic malty strength and notes of fruit and spice.

Ceylon Small Leaf

A brisk, bright, black tea from Sri Lanka that is very refreshing and thirst quenching. Finer cut for a faster brewin...

Decaffeinated Tea

A brisk, bright amber Ceylon tea with the caffeine removed. This very refreshing and thirst-quenching brew is ideal t...

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey


A black China tea delicately scented with bergamot oil. A light and smooth brew with a refreshing citrus flavour, it ...

English Breakfast

Specially blended to produce a full-bodied, robust brew, ideal as a morning pick-me-up or to accompany a hearty break...

Green Sencha Tea Bags

A crisp refreshing green sencha tea. Producing a bright, bold golden liquor.

Lakeland Special Blend

Our signature blend Lakeland Special – Our most popular tea made from our secret recipe, especially blended fo...

Red Berry Tea Bags

A caffeine free, tangy bright red drink with the vibrant flavours of ripened red berries. Pack Size 200