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New to Farrer’s is our seasonal range of Speciality Coffees.  Every three months we introduce a small range of carefully selected coffees, drawn from the finest offerings we can find from around the globe.  The coffees we offer include a Seasonal Espresso Blend, and two or three Single Origin coffees with distinctive flavour profiles.  Check below for our current offering, but please be aware that our stocks of these seasonal coffees are limited, so don’t hesitate to order if you are keen to find your new favourite. 

Colombia Cencoic Reserve 'El Selecto'

A big, rich, chocolatey coffee with a characteristic sweetness. Ideal through a filter, cafetiere or pour-over.

India Monsooned Malibar Manjarabad Region

The distinctive soft, clean flavour of this coffee is a result of the processing method used. The harvested coffee se...

Kenya Regeju Primary Cooperative

A powerful and vibrant coffee with lively acidity and bold flavours. One for the adventurous!

Spring Seasonal Espresso Blend

45% - Guatemala - Pena Roja, 45% Brazil - Ascarive Mantiquera de Minas, 10% Kenya Regeju. This season's 3-bean blend ...