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Rooibos Teas

Rooibos Teas are non-caffeinated drinks which are low in tannin compared to Black Teas. Rooibos Teas are not produced from the tea plant (Camelia sinensis) itself, but from a different shrub, Aspalathus linearis. They are high in polyphenols and flavanols which provide health benefits. Their name comes from the Afrikaans term meaning “Red Bush”.

The plants originated from South Africa, where most of the production still takes place. The leaves are oxidised giving the reddish-brown colour and has a distinctive nutty taste.  It can be served with milk, lemon or unadulterated. A great evening beverage due to its caffeine-free properties.

For more information on tea processing, see the Tea Guide section.

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A rich mahogany-red brew with a soft, sweet and slightly nutty flavour. A naturally caffeine-free alternative to blac...