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Loose Tea

Loose leaf tea offers the most authentic way to enjoy the many delights of tea-drinking. It’s an aesthetic pleasure looking at the leaves and appreciating the work and love that has gone into the processing of each.  At Farrer’s, when we send out loose leaf teas to you, we never take for granted the sensory delights we get as we weigh out each bag. It’s what makes “work” seem like such a pleasure. 


Here are some reasons for you to appreciate loose leaf tea:

  • Extensive choice of teas
  • You can decide how much to add to each pot
  • You get to really appreciate the quality from the aroma of wet leaves and the taste of the liquor


Why not try some of our loose leaf teas from our selection below?

English Afternoon

Specially blended to produce a light refreshing afternoon drink with a full body. Perfect with a little milk, black o...

English Breakfast

Specially blended to produce a full-bodied, robust brew, ideal as a morning pick-me-up or to accompany a hearty break...

Flowery Orange Pekoe

A high quality Assam black tea with a long leaf and few tips, giving an intense yet delicate flavour.

Formosa Oolong

A semi-oxidised tea from Taiwan, giving a full flavour and a medium body with hints of peach and walnut.

Golden Monkey

Golden Monkey


A highly-prized China black tea. With a particular aroma and fruity flavour, a lack of astringency and complex undert...

Green Gunpowder

A green China tea rolled into pellets that unravel when brewed. This tea produces crisp and fresh golden liquor with ...

Green Sencha

Green Sencha


The classic green tea from Japan. With an intense grassy flavour, sweetness and mild astringency, this tea produces a...

Jasmine Green Tea

A delicate green tea, to which jasmine blossoms are added to infuse the tea with the distinctive flavour of jasmine. ...




A famous black China tea, producing a mellow, velvety smooth red liquor. With flavours of roasted nuts and a delicate...

Lakeland Special Blend

Our signature blend Lakeland Special – Our most popular tea made from our secret recipe, especially blended fo...

Lakeland Special Large Leaf

Our signature blend of fine teas, perfectly blended to produce an enjoyable and refreshing brew

Lapsang Souchong

A black China tea dried slowly over pine wood fires, giving a distinctive smoky character. This tea produces a rich a...

Large Leaf Orange Pekoe

A high-grown Darjeeling black tea, this Large Leaf Pekoe gives a full yet delicate flavour.

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena


The leaves of the lemon verbena plant produce a drink with a light buttery taste, complemented by a delightful lemon ...

Lung Ching Dragonwell

One of the most famous green teas from China. Combining grassy freshness and a sweet, smooth taste with complex overt...

Lunyun White Downy

A delicate white tea from the Guangxi Province of China. With long, twisted leaves this hand-picked tea produces an a...