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A Farrer’s staple for many years, our customers love the simplicity of this method, which involves pouring water over ground coffee contained in a paper filter. Using only gravity, water drips through the ground coffee, absorbing its oils and flavours, then passes through the bottom of the paper filter once it reaches saturation point. The used coffee grounds are retained in the filter and the brewed coffee is caught in a pot below.

Choose from the range of coffees below that we recommend for this brew method.

Brewing Tips:

  • Always use fresh cold water (which has more oxygen content than re-boiled water)
  • Always drink within an hour after brewing – a spare pot can be place on the hotplate on the top of a filter machine, but it will lose its flavour after about 30 minutes and become more astringent the longer its left
  • Try to use either freshly ground coffee or pre-ground for filter from the correct sachet measure
  • Rinse through with cold clean water at the end of each session
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No. 1 Blend

No. 1 Blend


Our signature blend of high grown Arabica beans from the world’s finest coffees, medium roasted to give a smooth and ...




Medium roasted to deliver a light texture, full-flavoured acidity and a powerful, sweet aroma.

Restaurant Blend

A full strength blend with a delicate balance of rich body, aroma and flavour.

Rwanda Rutonde Kinini

The Rutonde lot is a separation from amongst the 633 farmers that are currently using the Kinini washing station, cho...

Special Mountain Blend

A balanced blend of mountain-grown African and South American beans, medium roasted for a full flavour.

RIBB02 Rich Blend Beans

A fine Brazil coffee decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method preserving the subtle yet distinctive flavours of the...

Westmorland Blend

A blend of Arabica coffees roasted to produce a full strength, full-bodied aromatic drink with nutty flavours and dar...

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