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fairtrade.jpgFor many years we have been committed to ensuring that the people who devote their lives to growing, tending, harvesting, milling and transporting coffee beans are paid a fair wage and live in good conditions. That’s why we became a Fairtrade Licensee – knowing that its role in monitoring and approving the supply chain is our green light of approval. Your coffee tastes even better knowing that the little extra you pay enriches someone else’s life on another continent.

Learn more about the Fairtrade Foundation and its work by visiting http://www.fairtrade.org.uk.

Brazil Fairtrade

A smooth and soft coffee, with low acidity and medium body.

Coffee Gift Pack

The perfect pack of gifts for that someone special who loves fresh coffee this Christmas A 3 cup glass/chrome Cafeti...

Costa Rica Fairtrade

A bright, well-balanced coffee with medium body and moderate acidity with chocolate undertones.

Fairtrade Decaffeinated

A blend of decaffeinated beans, medium-roasted to give a rich, soft body with a smooth aftertaste.

Fairtrade Espresso Blend

Specially blended and roasted to produce the classic espresso. Rich, smooth, subtle acidity with caramel undertones.