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The iconic method of making coffee – a great espresso made from a great machine just oozes cool.  Each drink is produced by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. With a higher concentration of coffee solids, and the foam pale head which is called the crema, espresso is generally thicker than coffee beverages from other brew methods.  Because the drink is very concentrated it forms the basis of all other espresso-based drinks such as: latte, flat white, Americano etc.  Generally speaking, roasted coffees with a strong body are a good choice for espresso drinks as it has enough punch to complement the milk.

Choose from the range of coffees below that we recommend for this brew method.

Brewing Tips:

  • Grind from whole beans if possible – it brings out the best in the flavours

  • The correct weight and grind will determine the perfect extraction (aim for around 25 secs)

  • Keep your machine clean and depending on usage flush with cleaning solution each day (or equivalent of 70 cups for home use)




A smooth and soft coffee, with low acidity and medium body.

Colombia High Roast

Our highest roasted coffee, giving a strong, deep flavour with a bittersweet taste.

Decaffeinated Espresso Blend

A blend of decaffeinated beans, roasted to produce a classic espresso. Full, deep body, with smooth subtle acidity.

Espresso Blend

Specially blended and roasted to produce the classic espresso. Full, deep body, smooth subtle acidity with chocolate ...

Fairtrade Espresso Blend

Specially blended and roasted to produce the classic espresso. Rich, smooth, subtle acidity with caramel undertones.

Guatemala Coban

A single origin Arabica bean, providing a round body with medium acidity. Flavours of sweet chocolate, a hint of frui...

Italian Blend

Italian Blend


A blend of Arabica beans, high-roasted to give a rich full-bodied result. Ideal for after-dinner drinking.

RIBB02 Rich Blend Beans

Rich Blend


A sophisticated blend of Arabica beans, roasted to produce a rich, smooth espresso or cafetière coffee.

Rwanda Rutonde Kinini

The Rutonde lot is a separation from amongst the 633 farmers that are currently using the Kinini washing station, cho...

RIBB02 Rich Blend Beans

A fine Brazil coffee decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method preserving the subtle yet distinctive flavours of the...