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Like all coffee-lovers we can’t get enough of the many tastes and ways to brew coffee. But we have to draw a line under our caffeine intake at some point during the day (unless you have a long night-time drive or are cramming for exams).  But with our decaf offering we can get you your coffee fix and sleep easy. 




A Brazilian bean with the caffeine extracted, ideal for filter or cafetière coffees. Medium-roasted to give a ...

Decaffeinated Espresso Blend

A blend of decaffeinated beans, roasted to produce a classic espresso. Full, deep body, with smooth subtle acidity.

Fairtrade Decaffeinated

A blend of decaffeinated beans, medium-roasted to give a rich, soft body with a smooth aftertaste.

RIBB02 Rich Blend Beans

A fine Brazil coffee decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method preserving the subtle yet distinctive flavours of the...