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Our Classic range of coffees is our largest and is a proven winner. From the iconic Farrer’s No 1 blend, to the full body of our Westmorland, Italian, Restaurant, Espresso or French Continental Blends, there is something for everyone.  In addition to our popular blends, we offer a range of Single Origin coffees, such as Kenya, Ethiopia Mocha and Colombia.  Tried and tested and loved by our customers, we know the old adage “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” couldn’t be truer. Try one of our Classic offerings and come back for more. 

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RIBB02 Rich Blend Beans

Rich Blend


A sophisticated blend of Arabica beans, roasted to produce a rich, smooth espresso or cafetière coffee.

Special Mountain Blend

A balanced blend of mountain-grown African and South American beans, medium roasted for a full flavour.

Trick of Treat - Halloween

A treat you wont want to share! This lightly-roasted El Salvador Monte Leon Coffee, with notes of molten candy and ...

Westmorland Blend

A blend of Arabica coffees roasted to produce a full strength, full-bodied aromatic drink with nutty flavours and dar...

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