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The cafetière (or French Press) is one of the most inexpensive, simplest and most satisfying ways to brew.  Start with a rounded dessert spoon of ground coffee per cup, and adjust to taste, oruse 75g of ground coffee per litre. Pre-warm the cafetière with boiling water and discard, then add your measured dose of coffee to the cafetière. Add the required amount of water (depending on size of pot) stir for a few seconds, and fit the plunger. Leave for about 3-4 minutes, depress the plunger and pour. 

Choose from the range of coffees below that we recommend for this brew method.

Brewing Tips:

  • Coffee brews best at between 91oC and 96oC. If using a kettle, allow to come to the boil and then let it sit for a while before pouring over the grounds.

  • Always use fresh, cold, filtered water and if using a kettle, never re-boil it.

  • Pre-warm cafetière, plunger and cup for a warm brew as the brew time is several minutes

  • Don’t forget to stir the coffee once water is added

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Restaurant Blend

A full strength blend with a delicate balance of rich body, aroma and flavour.

Special Mountain Blend

A balanced blend of mountain-grown African and South American beans, medium roasted for a full flavour.

Trick of Treat - Halloween

A treat you wont want to share! This lightly-roasted El Salvador Monte Leon Coffee, with notes of molten candy and ...

Westmorland Blend

A blend of Arabica coffees roasted to produce a full strength, full-bodied aromatic drink with nutty flavours and dar...

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